What to Look For in a Leasing Agent

hiring a leasing agent

If you are searching for a new office building, it is important to understand the existing laws and regulations as they pertain to such property. If the landlord expects to attract tenants, they will want to receive the best system of compensation. In this instance the quality and consistency of service from the leasing agent is extremely important; one who acquires the best results wins and those who work with agents who uphold their values should be pleased with the end results.

As such, it pays to talk to various leasing agents and gain from them a better understanding of property coverage and the process involved in leasing a property. Not all leasing agents introduce themselves clearly and with a similar outlook. To get a better feel of how they work, it is necessary to do a little research and look into the elements where their licensing might differ and interview or talk to some of their past clients.

The best leasing agents should not, however, be so self-possessed that they consider themselves experts. Assure that your agents explain any important issues that arise and provide added value to their service before committing yourself to a choice. Some questions to ask could be; will they be flexible when it comes to consultation times, how having an experienced agent benefit you and their service charges, what is their level of professionalism and commitment in the service they provide, and do they have references and a proper accreditation with the Canadian Association of Realtors?

When selecting a leasing agent, consider their knowledge of the market. A good and solid knowledge of the immediate area is essential. They must be confident in their ability to explain the prospective client’s property to them in an easily understood way, and also be able to provide information on activity in that neighborhood and the history of rentals and sales in the nearby area.

Another quality consideration is the agent’s ability to communicate in plain, good English and their commitment to communicate with the client in a timely manner. Similarly, invite them to give you, in a personal environment, the answers to your questions. Most experienced agents appreciate this, as unlike salespeople they are prepared to give you, the client, exactly what you need based on their experience with the market and their demands, at no obligation to them. For example if you are laying a new foundation a leasing agent will find concrete readymix near me to help get the service in place.

Finally it is worthwhile noting that some of those long-established names now work exclusively out of their own homes, stealing an established professional away from their home base and convincing the client that they can provide a superior, more personal service. Ask yourself if the level of attention and obligation on behalf of their clients is clearly indicated in the photographs, their layout and space plan, or if they have their own charm, personality and approach hat you require.

Finally, understand that it may be the agent you choose to do business with, who actually offers the best level of service and professionalism as they will know that they work best for you and know that you are not just a prospective customer, but the person who is going to be providing them with a service. Select the agent who is truly going to work hard for you.