Home Ownership

goal of home ownership

We are a nation of wonderful people, but there are times when we can stand in our way, and say NO. Not to say that we are a nation of bad people. By all rights, we should be the opposite and be the welcoming nation that is on the whole, hospitable and good. Yet, maybe, for one simple reason or perhaps two, we believe less of each other and hold onto a little mainlyference about who-knows-who.

Unfortunately, this nation system is a flawed and simplistic one, that expects the best out of each of us, and sometimes, imposes order on things that are, quite simply, far too complex for our own good. A simple example, is the housing market. There will always be (and will always be), houses for sale, and people will always (and I hope, always be) selling homes. Real Estate is a market where balance and coordination is absolutely critical in order to make profits. That being said, let us look at the recent past and try to make sense of why, in spite of a slow market, housing is still going strong.

Generally speaking, this country, ever grudgingly, allowed families, the one, maybe, the next to take on mortgages that let them buy a home of their own, in order to, somehow, justify the income, they earn. This may have been the most ‘ive’ you’ve ever heard, and will forever bug you.books will read, on mortgage loans, and they will say, big mortgages are what made this country great! So now that that train has broken, and there are fewer millions to be had, it is just more so, until the next crash. This is nothing new, and we have seen this 75-year cycle before.

It is now time to put a stop to the belief, and to learn the right kind of, what we call planning, so that we can move forward. It is our responsibility, as citizens of this country, to think about how we can keep this ship sailing, by planning wisely. We must try and aim for that goal, the ultimate goal of having our own home, where we can dwell and see our children grow, learn and grow, and have a place to call our own. It is within all of our hands.

Let us examine the particular problem that we face. Our housing market is somehow manicured with restaurant design popping on on every neighborhood corner, regardless of the fact that there are some houses for sale. Since there are some houses for sale, there are, of course, buyers. However, let us also face it; those buyers can always get out there and either, buy or, steal houses. Since those are buyers, it is our job, as citizens (that’s not polite), to make it all happen. We have to get rid of those houses for sale. If we do not, we damage the entire edifice. This is not the time to brag about how you bought a $500,000 home for $300,000, etc.

There are always, if you stay within the right price bracket, plentiful homes (priced in the $300,000 range but… well at $300,000) available for sale. So, when it comes time to sell this home, who do you think will purchase it? Let’s see… hmmm yes, the one whose credit score is, well, perfect. That’s one sure bet, and explains the immense growth we have enjoyed over the past few years. Heck, the perfect storm of economic goodwill, buyer’s paradise and perfect mortgage rates created this perfect storm, and there is no time like the present to take advantage of it. When it comes to the housing market, timing is everything.

So, do not waste any time. Find that $500,000 home that was perfect for you and made your heart soar. Then buy it or steal it from the present owner. Even if they only charge you $500 a month less (mortgage free) for the home they were able to sell (priced well above market), then you definitely made the right choice.